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Texas Surety Bonds

We have been servicing the State of Texas since 1988, we do offer very affordable Surety Bonds rates. For a free surety bond quote click on apply online or call our office. We do offer all type surety bonds, from auto dealer bonds, also know as MVD bond, Lost Auto Title Bonds, Employee Dishonesty Bond, sales tax bonds, TABC Bonds, Conduct Surety Bonds, business service bond, license bonds, permit bonds, court bonds and many other types of bonds.

We are based in Houston Texas but we service all Texas cities like Dallas, Austin, El Paso, Brownsville, San Antonio, Tyler, Beaumont, Amarillo, Corpus Christi, Lubbock, Fort Worth and many others.

Most Surety & Fidelity Bonds are Issued Same Day upon Final Approval.
Simply apply online for fast approval and we will contact you the same day.

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds - Issued Same Day

  • Texas Auto Dealer Bond | Texas Clients Rate $350 /2Yrs 
  •  Click toApply Online   For Faster Response

Lost Auto Title Bonds - Issued Same Day 

  • Auto Title Bonds under $5000 Start @$100 rate
  • Click to   Apply Online    For faster Response

Commercial Bonds

  • General Bond Inquiry Click to Apply Online or  Print Application
  • Medicare Bond- For $50,000  Start @ $250.00 Print Application
  • Curb & Side Walk Bond  Start @ $100.00
  • Pawn Broker Bond
  • Sales Tax Bond
  • Customs Bond 
  • Mortgage Brokers  Click to Apply Online 
  • Insurance Agent/Broker $10,000 Bond
  • Public Insurance Adjuster Bond for $10,000  Start $100
  • Mixed Liquor Bond $7500 Limit Starts $375  
  • Beer & Wine Bond $5000 Limit Starts $325
  • Notary Bonds and Supplies Click to Apply Online
  • Utility Bond
  • Lost Instrument
  • Promoter
  • Real Estate
  • Lease
  • Grain Warehouse
  • ICC
  • Oil and Gas
  • S.I.R. Workers Compensation
  • ARC
  • Packers & Livestock
  • Sign Removal Bond
  • Vendor Bond
  • Sidewalk-Curb Bond 

Construction Bonds

Court Bonds

Fidelity & Dishonesty Bonds - Issued Same Day
  • Business Service Bond - For $5000 Bond Start @ $100  Click to Apply Online
  • Business Blanket Dishonesty Bond ( covers all employees )  Click to Apply Online
  • Dishonesty Bond -For $5000 Bond Start @ $100 Click to Apply Online
  • ERISA Bonds  For $5000 - $10,000 Starts @ $100  Print Application
  • Janitorial - For $5000 Bond Start @$100 Print Application
  • Public Official Bond ( for Elected Official, Sheriff, etc...) Print Application
  • Tax Preparer Bond / Insurance ( for CPA, Accountant, Lawyer, Bookkeeper, etc..)



Surety bonds provided by this bonding agency, ABC Bonding of Texas, are underwritten by CNA Surety, Western Surety Company, SBCA, Old Republic, or RLI. Bond prices listed on this website are subject to credit history report, a number of years in business and surety company approval. Call for details.

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