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Auto Insurance rates over the past decade have continued to increase in Texas including this year when the state upped the minimum insurance limits on bodily injury.  Texas auto insurance premium costs are about average compared to national costs.  (see table below). READ MORE >>

Across the nation, people move into condominiums every day. Whether they live in their condo throughout the year, or only during the summer or winter, owners will want to make sure that their property stays protected. READ MORE >>

While renters insurance is suitable for all renters, the benefits are especially relevant for young adults. 80 million Echo Boomers, Americans ages 17-31, are sweeping up rentals across the nation. It’s important for this group to pick up renters insurance along the way. Here’s why: READ MORE >>

Texas commercial general liability insurance is the backbone of many contractors’ insurance portfolio, but it may provide too general a coverage option to really protect your business. What Does General Liability Cover? For third-party bodily injury and property damage claims, general liability insurance provides an important form of protection. READ MORE >>

Commercial Auto Insurance in Houston Texas As a private Texas Carrier, you are responsible for hauling goods in your own truck for your company or employer. Whether you’re working in construction, excavation, manufacturing, delivery or any other private carrier capacity, we have commercial truck insurance solutions for you. READ MORE >>

Business insurance basics for a garage and repair shop. Like other industries, car dealers have run into trouble in the recent economic times. Many mechanics have opted to open their own repair shops as a result. Like any business, auto repair businesses and the mechanics that own them need to get the proper insurance in place. READ MORE >>

Commercial vehicles pull trailers every day, however, serious and sometimes fatal accidents occur due to the result of improper inspections and preventative measures. It is necessary to understand your commercial truck. Verify that the brake and suspension system on your tractor is designed to haul the trailer you are considering based on the loaded weight limit. READ MORE >>

An important financial protection to have for yourself and your family is auto insurance. If you don’t have it your financial security will be at stake, in the event of a wreck. The purpose of auto insurance is to protect you from monetary loss in the event of an insurable accident. READ MORE >>

Now that we have sort of persuaded you to consider term life insurance as a definite possibility, here is some more insurance information on how to select the right kind of term life insurance as well as a few things you can do to control premium costs. READ MORE >>

A Homebuyers Guide to Home Insurance is designed to educate long time homeowners and home buying newbies alike about the ins and outs of home insurance. How much coverage do you really need? Do you know what features of a home negatively affect your rates? READ MORE >>

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