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Is an Ant Attack Covered by Homeowners Insurance? Ants are notorious for ruining picnics- but they can also be a huge pain in the um, rear, when they make their way indoors. Over the last couple of days, we have been fighting back an invasion that makes the Normandy landing look like a stroll on the beach. READ MORE >>

Home Renovations and Homeowners Insurance Changes You've just ripped out that leaky shower and replaced the countertops in the kitchen. Congratulations! But have you contacted your home insurance company to update your policy? If you don't update your policy after major renovations you could be underinsured if an accident or disaster occurs. READ MORE >>

The Beginning of the End of Employer-based Health Care? Health reform has, thus far, produced several unintended consequences. As a result, legislators are scrambling to stave off more public backlash.  The recent wave of exemptions granted by Congress to major corporations like McDonald... READ MORE >>

Distracted Driving and the Invisible Gorilla According to a new study, our ability to multi-task simply isn't what we think it is. Check out this video by Daniel Simmons. Why does it matter? For one thing distracted driving is a major cause of auto accidents. READ MORE >>

To get a bonded title or lost auto title for a vehicle. First you have to contact TxDot office near you and fill up a statment of fact so you can get an approval letter from TxDot specifing amount of Surety Bond needed to register your vehicle and obtain a bonded title. READ MORE >>

Most surety bonds cost between 0.5% to 3% of the requested Bond amount. Some Bonds are underwritten based on applicant's credit and past experience, others are issued with no questions asked. Some are declined because of bad credit or past claim experience. READ MORE >>

Many people love to get lower deductibles in fear of having an accident or a claim, then they have to come up with higher out of pocket expense to pay for the claim. In return they end up paying much more on their auto nsurance for years to come. READ MORE >>

> Aug. 24--SAN MARCOS -- Get caught speeding in a San Marcos school zone and expect to pay an average of $230, according to a new survey by Allstate Insurance. READ MORE >>

These days, technology can do virtually anything, including putting blind people behind the wheel. The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) and an engineering team at Virginia Tech have been working since 2007 to produce a vehicle that will allow blind people to drive. READ MORE >>

As your life changes, so do your insurance needs. For example, if you moved to a new neighborhood or remodeled your kitchen this year you'll need to update your homeowners or renters insurance policy. And buying a new car or joining a carpool means it's time to consider an updated car insurance policy. READ MORE >>

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